I took the plunge…and bought an ereader

All right, things I’ve learned about using my Sony Ereader in the 20 hours I’ve owned it.

You can use it on a Mac.

We Mac users are minions of the darkside and as such Sony only want people to use windows. Bad them. But being insidious and devious minions, we can work our way around it. You can get away with not using their elibrary software – which seems to be mostly a way to get you to their v. expensive shop – by just plugging the ereader into a USB with the cable provided.

Up it pops as a little white mount thingy. Open it and move you ebooks in. Viola!

PDFs look b-a-a-a-d

So I’m avoiding them. I don’t have that many ebooks, so this is really for people like me. Buy HTML versions and convert them using Word to RTF, then load them. You don’t get the really nice big text that the LRC format gives you, but it’s a 1000 times better than PDF, ie. you can actually read the book you’ve bought. Fictionwise also offers mulitformat and tucked away are LRF files. I down loaded a free book, just to check it worked.

I’ll add more to the wonders of ownership as they crop up *grin*. Now…back to reading *squeee*