Sold! ENERGY to Ellora’s Cave

I’ve been on holiday so I didn’t get a chance to update here…but I’ve sold the 4th book in the Planetary Bodies series, Energy.

Here’s the blurb:

Callie Thiago lives for gossip. And her crew aboard the CMC Theseus provide her with enough lurid tales of sex to keep her lonely nights warm. It sates her curiosity. Mostly. She has no experience of her own to draw on as shyness plagues her…until sheen smashes into her ship.

Now she’s stuck on a small outpost moon with Aaron Blane, a man she’s wanted for all of her adult life. But she knows sheen can’t work through her as it does others. She’s different. And it’s this difference that Blane is more than eager to explore…

A few little hints about the series are on my website in the Behind the Scenes page for the series

And in other news, Current, Book 3 is out 16 September.

You can read a yummy excerpt here