Sh-h-h… Here be monsters

TTMFBAD9I’m so excited! SOMETHING WICKED is in this boxset.

My blurb:

Magus Felix Hurst thought she could run from her duty. Her destiny.

She failed.

In trying to escape her marriage to the half-demon magus, Zacharias Mael, her usual bad luck traps her in a farmhouse infested with a magus’s worst nightmare.

And her hated betrothed.

In the end, there is one only way to escape. Will that price prove too much? For either of them?

Boxset blurb:

Monsters Need Love Too

Check out these amazing monster-themed stories about finding and taming the beast within. Featuring some of today’s hottest Paranormal Romance Authors. Available for a limited time. Get yours now.

In these monster tales, beauties seduce the beasts. The Taming the Monster Box Set satisfies the craving for sexy monsters who go bump in the night. Among other things. Available for a limited time.

Fall for the amazing monsters in the Taming The Monster Box. Featuring some of today’s hottest Paranormal Romance authors, this set is sure to find, and maybe tame, the beast within.

Just in time for Halloween, pick up the Taming the Monster Box Set, and fall in love with monsters of the deep, the dark, and the spooky. Available for a limited time only.

You can pre-order here:


…and I love that graphic! 😀


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