Thrones of Desire…it’s in my hot little hands!

This is out from Cleis Press now, in the US in paperback and kindle. Rest of the World, you have to wait until October. Sorry 🙂

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The main site of Thrones of Desire is here. And the Behind the Scenes of At the Sorcerer’s Command is here.

Here’s the blurb to my story, AT THE SORCERER’S COMMAND  and the anthology as a whole.

At the Sorcerer’s Command:
Miar is her people’s only hope to defeat the sorcerer who has besieged her home.  She has an unusual talent. She’s a soul-catcher, able to twist any soul to her will. And Varun, the man who must guard her, is willing to use her and her gift anyway he can.

Thrones of Desire: Erotic Tale of Swords Mist and Fire ~ edited by Mitzi Szereto

Thrones of Desire: Erotic Tales of Swords, Mist and Fire is a place where lust and legend abound, and adventure, passion and danger entwine. Think mystical lands and creatures, kings and queens, knights and renegades, heroes and villains, warlords, maidens and princesses. Think battles and danger, honour and dishonour, good and evil. Most of all, think hearts filled with passion and secret desire.

This is a place where romantic chivalry is alive and well, but so too is romantic wickedness. This is a place where the good do not always win, and the bad are often more captivating and desirable than their altruistic counterparts.

In these lush and timeless landscapes, the battle for flesh can be as important as the battle for power. Intrigue, sorcery, revenge, lawlessness, dark secrets and mysterious elixirs; entanglements with supernatural beings – everything is possible in these magical mythical landscapes.

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  1. Thanks, Ella 🙂

    Thanks, MH 😀 I haven’t read mine yet. I know, bad, but I have a wip that I *need* to get done and over with!
    There are bunny-rumblings around Miar and Varun. They’d be fun to play with again.

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