The making of magical money

I’ve been looking through my books on magic again. I think this post is more bunny fodder than something I’m going to use in my fantasy romance world building. Still I thought I’d share.

(I will admit to The Enc. of 5000 Spells being addictive…as well as weighty šŸ˜€ )

This time it’s tips to work into money spells that caught my interest:

Colours: Green and Gold.Ā  (I think this being a US book, it’s defaulting on cash colour.Ā  For a Gaslight Romance would it be white, for those vast sheets of white fivers? šŸ˜‰ )

Numbers: 2. To hold the idea of doubling and increasing.

Planets: Jupiter. As the planet of good fortune. The Moon. As the body of magic and wish fulfilment. Mercury. For the Roman god of prosperity.

Timing: Spells should be performed under a waxing moon.

And now I have the start of another bunny. Damn those white fivers…

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