Restless love and magic

Iynx was a Greek mountain nymph, daughter of Pan (or Peitho) and Echo.  And, as usual for a nymph, she didn’t fair too well.

Through Hera’s wrath or daring to go up against the Muses, she was transformed into a wryneck bird, a bird whose head can twist back on itself.

Aphrodite took Iynx and she became a magical love object.  Turned, the user would murmur the magical words to cast the love charm, either as a jagged spinning wheel threaded with string or the turned neck of the iynx bird on a wheel. The goddess  gave the iynx to Jason to cast his spell over Medea. Of course, that relationship was completely successful…

It’s claimed by a Byzantine source that Cleopatra also used the same charms to bedazzle Julius Caesar, Mark Antony, and Augustus would’ve been her third conquest. Less well known women in the ancient world used the iynx to enchant their lovers, as Theocritus’ courtesan using the iynx to :

“…draw that man to my house.”

And the whole section is a woman performing a magical rite to rekindle her lover’s affections.

The iynx seems to be capricious in working its magic.  Though, honestly, I’m not sure the ground up lizard helped…