Sale! SYNTHETIC DREAMS to Carina Press

Happy dancing today as I’ve sold my SFR novella SYNTHETIC DREAMS to Carina Press.

Here’s the unofficial blurb:

With no past to turn to and no hope for the future, Vyn Somerton does what she always has: she survives on her skills, hidden away from the prying eyes of the Corporation. Until now.
Vyn has created the ultimate in illegal gear, simulacrum, the perfect virtual lie.  It’s untraceable, untouchable, and until recently, impossible to create. She has plans to make herself rich beyond her wildest dreams…that is, until the Corporation turns her life upside down.  Again.

Paul Cross is a part of that upheaval.  Catalyst.  Corporate Mercenary.  Incredible and forbidden. He’s been watching Vyn, knowing that she’s the key to finding and rescuing his brother, a brother the Corporation he works for has replaced with a stranger. She’s a means to an end.  But watching her, moving though her life, he finds his thoughts becoming unexpectedly…carnal.

With their enemies closing in, Vyn’s life is in chaos.  Can she trust Paul or is he the key to the destruction of all her worlds?

And there’s a little behind the scenes info at my website, here

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