ROW 80: Wednesday Update

Birthdays and a lingering case of the bleurghs has slowed me down a bit but since Monday I’ve got about 1400 words on Simulacrum, a smidge of words on Kindgoms (a wip I should not be working on, but Ladon… *happy sigh*) and 400 words today on Frequency (a wip I should be writing a bit later in the month).  I found a fab new app for my ipad – iA Writer – that modifies the ipad’s keyboard and makes dialogue and moving around the text actually, you know, possible.  It was all tappity tapped out in 45 minutes in the coffeeshop.  My ipad now has a distinct latte aroma…

So, I’m happy with my progress the past couple of days.

6 thoughts on “ROW 80: Wednesday Update

  1. Thanks Claire 🙂

    I often chop and change until I really get into a wip – usually in the hurtle towards ‘The End’. Moving between wips helps when my brain needs time away from a sluggish part of the story. It gives my subconscious time to work out what comes next.

    Thanks Skylar 🙂

    I’d been using my ipad for making wip notes and tracking work counts – which reminds me, I should actually up date stuff.

    With the little modification to the keyboard, and its taking out the extra obstructive step, it freed up my ability to write. So I say go for it. Writing on/in a different medium can often open a new way into a story 🙂

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