Sold Perfecting Naia to Ellora’s Cave!

It feels like forever since I actually finished a story, so this sale is doubly sweet!

I wanted to play with my love of mythology – I’ve been reading a lot of Greek and Roman reference books lately – but making it SF too.  What my imagination produced surprised even me, and I’m used to the interesting turns my brain can take, lol

Here’s the unoffical blurb:

Life for Naia Vincenza is about to change.  A mysterious alien, Dasyra, whisks her away with the promise of a life of pampered luxury.  For a price.

Naia must undertake the mysterious and carnal rite of the reinya.  She has to prove that she should be chosen, that she is worthy of the role.  And to do that she must enter the maze and find the creature at its heart.  But nothing is ever simple and the price Naia must pay pushes her mind and her body to the very edge of pleasure…and beyond.

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