Loose Id’s Hot Hook Contest: I won it!

Touch of a Dragon won Loose Id’s Hot Hook contest 😀

The contest started last September, with the submission of a blurb and 250 words.  I got to the next round – the top 10 – and had to submit the next 1000 words.  From them, the top five were chosen and were asked to send in the finished works by 1 Feb 2010.

Touch of a Dragon has been a story I’ve had in some form or another for three years.  It never sat quite right in my head…so I subbed the beginning to give me a kick start my brain into fixing the story.  It went from 25k to 38k in January and radically changed from the original vision, but it’s good for it 🙂

I’m very happy others get to…experience…Samuel Blake… hehehe

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