Warflesh has a release date

Warflesh has a release date: 13 November 2009

I think that’s my last release for this year! lolol I’ve had a crop, more than I ever thought I’d have, so I’m very happy 🙂

Flesh and Shadows
Demonic Attraction
Dark Host
Chosen One
Ruthless Beauty
Satin Spar (20 October)
…and Warflesh.

Now I have to start to fill up next year… 😉 I have these so far:

Breaking Chance (March)
Emergence (June)

Her Dark Soul is at 33k. I stalled at the beginning of the week, got slapped about the head by a couple of plot bunnies, had family things, Ruthless Beauty released and I’ve sort of flitted. So today, I have to see whether a demon sub is viable and get back to Her Dark Soul at the weekend.

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