Cover for Demonic Attraction…

…it’s a little cheeky *grin*  It’s also an Ellora’s Cave Exotika title, so it’s very naughty 😉



Anya Sigurdson is counting down the days.

She works on an array orbiting a distant star completely alone and the isolation is seriously cramping her need for sex.  She’s promised herself a wild time on a pleasure planet, but until her remaining thirteen days are up, then her own fingers will have to do…or so she thinks.

Damianos has other plans.  Coming from a race of pure energy, Damianos, seeks pleasure in flesh and has an unusual talent.  They can fracture into as many lovers as Anya needs.  She is a joy, a rare find, and they intend to enjoy her, love her every chance they can.  But to keep her they need something else, an anchor, another body for them to fix in her dimension.

And a prime candidate is on his way.

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