After release day

I noticed a big increase in blog hits yesterday, so anyone new who’s found me hi! 🙂

My contract for the free Ellora’s Cave story Skin Magic aka Xander is in the post, so hopefully I’ll be able to share more about that soon.

Yesterday, I had a tension headache – probably release day nerves, it was my first EC book after all. (That’s still a little *squeee* moment. I’ve wanted to write for them for ages, hehe) I had to find a way to distract myself.

Ellora’s Cave doesn’t have Samhain’s Top Ten thing, which is a blessing in a way as I’ve lost a whole day before refreshing that thing, lmao Instead, I posted about my new release and then read Past Lies.

I’ve never really gone back and read something that’s now published (Past Lies came out in April 2007 – wow) and it was interesting to see how my writing has changed in that time. The story is almost unrelenting fire and tension between the two main characters, lol, so no wonder contemporaries are so hard for me to write *grin* I did have a teary moment too, which was nice.

Today, I have to look at Ruthless Beauty and my free Samhain read. At the minute that’s Pure Bond 🙂

2 thoughts on “After release day

  1. Hi KIm!
    Oh Keep believing! I do in you! I’m so thrilled about your books with EC!! I’ve been behind lately due to health so I didn’t know (forgive me!). But I can’t tell you how excited am I for you!!! And I just read about them and can’t wait til I can get and read! Rest and relax this weekend! All your readers will be wherever you are! Me included. Always, Cathie

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