Flesh and Shadows…an EC sale

So the contract has left my hot little hands and I can officially say I’m an EC author now *grin*

They contracted my ‘Succulent’ theme story FLESH AND SHADOWS. It’s due for release in May.
And thank you to Mima for the title. I love it! Can you tell I’m back in full-on *squeee* mode again, lol

This is the blurb:

Flesh-fruit. The First Minister’s favourite delicacy and, thanks to her boss, Agent Niamh Sullivan’s responsibility. A coup on the planet where it grows has forced a change of administrator. Now she must cross the quadrant to evaluate Zeta-Draconis-prime’s new leader, Isaac Rand. Rand intrigues her, tempts her…but she has her orders. Her duty comes first. Always has. Always will.

Rand has a secret. He’s been bitten by one of the deadly shadow-snakes who also share the planet and he’s changed. He will go to any lengths to see that he remains in charge of his planet, including using his alien abilities to convince Niamh to lie to her superiors. His plan is simple, but what he doesn’t realise is that his venom is an aphrodisiac. With it, Rand has become irresistible.

Now Niamh must deny their overwhelming mutual attraction. But as their need for each other spirals out of control the danger becomes apparent. Rand will take her humanity, take who and what she is. Niamh has to make the choice. Turn him in. Or succumb to his forbidden temptation.

Now I have to throw myself into cyberpunk yumminess. I have so much fun writing, it hardly seems decent 😉

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