I’m a journal freak…

…and today I bought this little book. This is the actual size and it’s called Honour and Reputation *grin*. It’s only 2″ by 3″, so it’s perfect for my coat pocket. I had little black ring-binder flip notebook – but people looked at me funny if I wrote in it in public. I obviously looked like an undercover officer, lmao

This is the link for all you journal-o-philes

And the update on my PWC is here

3 thoughts on “I’m a journal freak…

  1. Caffey

    Oh its beautiful. I’m torn between Delicacy & Its Delights (violet like) and Melancholy of Summer (peach like). I love that sort of ‘historical’ feel, like the regency times with the lace and all. I am torn because I’m just window shopping. I’m keeping the site for a time that I’ll be able to spoil myself and get one! Thanks for the link!

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