Friday Flash Fiction – The Wait

I wrote 4k on my Nocturne Bite yesterday and I’m steaming ahead this morning…so it’s just a quickie today *grin*

The Wait
(c)2008 Kim Knox

I must wait.

My long vision focused up into dull silver sky. A carrion bird cut its wings through the air, the splatter of blood still rich and red on its hooked beak. Beads of scent drifted on a cool breeze and I fought the tantalising copper tang of animal blood, denied its magic on my body.

I must wait for Maro. My skin crawled with the consequences of disobeying him.

I pulled at a long grass stalk and slid my thumbnail down its length, feeling the outer skin split and the cold juices spill on to my skin. It calmed me. As it had always done.

I am… no was… a member of the Imperial Guard. The Guard was an elite force; turned, twisted by Sorcery into an army that held the Lands together. But that was long ago. Several mortal lifetimes, I think. The Guard never needed much of a memory. It was a blessing.

Because of this, I don’t remember how the Empire fell apart. I know that I fought. My memory is a haze of red, thick with the power of blood. Then Maro had charge of me. I try not to think of him as my master… but that’s difficult. He was my Commander before the Fall; given more brains, more self control.

I’m a grunt. Designed to obey.

And so I must wait.

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