Back… and shattered

We went on Saturday to a friend’s baby’s christening in Ealing Abbey. The Hobbits got excited about going to London, had a wild time getting lost in the Abbey – yes, we had a complete panic, LOL – and went to bed late. We ordered room service for a late-night dinner. Samwise wondered where the food would come from as the room had no kitchen. The Ent and I told them the food faeries would bring it. *snort*

The poor waiter who brought it was greeted with a chorus of ‘It’s the food faerie! It’s the food faerie!’ Not sure he appreciated it, LOL

Then this morning we left the hotel with Samwise wondering whether there would be breakfast faeries and drove down to the Embankmant. We spotted some of our favourite buildings: Battersea Powerstation and the new MI6 building (I know, odd taste in architecture, but we like them, LOL)

Then we crossed Lambeth Bridge and took this picture from a speeding car, LOL:

and then we crossed again at Westminster Bridge. This is the less idyllic view:

Then I managed to get a pic of one of my favourite buildings, the Gerkin as be crossed Tower Bridge:

We got back about 8pm and I’m flagging now it’s 10pm. I think it might be time for bed…

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