Odd thing today…

Today I was angry. Really angry. Vesuvius-on-crack angry.

The situation that made me go up like a hypernova was completely unexpected. But the odd thing was, that I knew something seriously negative was going to happen about twelve hours before.

I went to sleep Sunday night with a serious feeling of forboding. All the morning, I kept having flashes of unease. Then two o’clock… bam… Eta Carinae takes out a corner of the known universe and the day got progressively worse from there. So it seems that negative emotions travel back in time, for me at least. Wonder if positive emotions work the same way. Maybe I’ll be grinning like a loon Thursday night, since the Euromillion lottery is drawn on Friday. That event would certainly solve my really, really shitty day.

To leave the post bizarrely, because it’s far too late and I can’t sleep (see above), here’s something else from my You Tube obsession of the moment:

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