Okay, I’m torn

I have four WIPs ( well six if you count two contemporaries, which I’m not at the minute 😉 ) and I’m finding it hard to decide which one to go with. These are all Kim Knox stories.

Alchemy ~ I have a synopsis pending on this one. I hate syns. Hate them, hate them, LOL It’s hard to make somthing so vital interesting, but I am struggling on with it *grin*

Chosen ~ I’m just waiting on feedback on this one, then I need to add a new subplot, about 10k and sub it. And doesn’t that sound easy! LOL I think once I get into that story again, and with a few pointers *grin*, it will go okay *fingers crossed*

Time Rat ~ This is supposed to be my Daughters of Circe May Madness entry. I’m reading around the subject of murder/mystery since it’s something I’ve never really considered before. However, the characters of Eva and Rat (yes, there’s a reason he’s called that, though not the original one, hehe) won’t leave me alone. First, I’m playing with titles. I like to hang a story off the title and it’s usually connected to the theme in some form.

Cat Shifter ~ This is part of the Samhain antho call. They will keep putting out these ideas that I want to write!

So… decisions, decisions…

I think I’ll have to look at my day and see if I can fit snatches of everything in!

2 thoughts on “Okay, I’m torn

  1. Kim Rees / Kim Knox

    LOL – I’m doing that for the syn and its *still* taking forever! *sigh*

    I can feel Rat’s character brewing in the back of my mind. It’s rather disconcerting…

  2. Olivia Lorenz

    Write ‘Alchemy’ because I want to read it LOL!!!

    I hate synopses too. I usually print the whole thing out and sit with a notebook, read the story through and write the synopsis as I go.

    And the Rat one intrigues me, so cool to have a H called ‘Rat’.

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