Thursday Thirteen #6

Thirteen Things I did since the last TT.

1… Bought a new kettle… and have it poison me. Don’t ask.
2… Celebrated a birthday. This little tiger boy was 3 on Monday:

3… Had too much cake than was good for me. (See above.)

4… Spent too much time on a certain website, watching my book climb the charts. (I’ll just have a quiet *squee* moment to myself about that, LOL)

5… Actually got some writing done. Alchemy is almost 8000 words and rising and it’s much better than the initial draft. Which is always a nice bonus 😉

6… Made the children stay up late and watch the new series of Dr Who. Then re-enact the episode with them for the next few days… What? Doesn’t everyone?

7… Hid from the sun. How ridiculously hot is it in the UK right now?

8… Not tidied up for the relatives who are coming at the weekend to see the birthday boy.

9… Made binoculars from toilet rolls for both Hobbits… which turn out to be the best toys they have ever played with.

10… Spent too much time hunting for the smell of indigo. Specifically, middle eastern/asian indigo dye. So-o-o-o wish I would have bought some when we were in Egypt. It would have stopped #11

11… Inhaled the odour of frozen peas… because someone said indigo smelt like that. See the lengths I go to for verisimilitude in my stories? LOL

12… Came up with a very odd tagline for my next book. I blame #1 for it.

13… And all together now… I really have been writing. YAY

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36 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen #6

  1. The Rock Chick

    Busy week! Hey, if I had a book climbing the charts on a certain website, I’d be glued to the site in amazement. Good for you and congrats!!!!!!!

    Love the birthday picture, too!!!! Happy TT-
    Jessica The Rock Chick

  2. amy

    Great list..You have been busy!

    Amys Random Thoughts is having a blogging scavenger hunt starting May 1st. Details and prizes were announced today! Hope you will come and have fun with us!

  3. Donica Covey

    Congrats on writing and selling! I’m also very jealous of you having been to Egypt! One place I’d love to see.

    Keep plugging!

  4. Joy Renee

    such a sweet tiger baby.

    another tp toy: put unpopped popcorn kernals inside and wrap in silver plumbers tape. great percussion instrument.

    my mom used them for electric cord storage too.

    wish my week had been as productive as yours.

    congrats on getting featured on TT hub. that’s how i found you. you can thank the fact my bookmarks are inaccessible this week and i had to resort to the hub page to look for TTers to visit. I’ll be back.

    my #29 is 13 things about my current situation stemming from my laptop power cord quitting on me last night.

  5. Nancy

    I think I messed up the linky thing. Sorry!

    SOunds like you have been busy and writing. How much fun to see your book sell….Yeah for you!

    Congrats on being one of hte sites of the week.

  6. Daisy Dexter Dobbs

    I’m not going to be able to hold back much longer. The indigo scent and frozen peas thing is making me itch to run to my freezer and have a good sniff. LOL Wonderful list, Kim

  7. Samantha Lucas

    I do #4 a bit too often myself, but the newness will wear off eventually…right? lol

    All in all, sounds like you had a great week, well, except for maybe the whole poisoning episode.

  8. Ally Bean

    “Inhaled the odour of frozen peas… “

    Now, see, this is why I like TT so much. There are items on lists that make me laugh out loud at what people do. This is great.

  9. Di

    If they tire of the binoculars, another use for toilet paper rolls is to use them to hold computer cords. Roll the cord up and stick it through the toilet paper roll so each connection comes out a different side. Then label the tp roll with what the cord is for. Keeps them organized and untangled…my daughter even covered mine with wrapping paper to make them prettier!

  10. she

    nope, sorry – you can’t have a line like #1 and expect me not to ask.

    how did you nearly poison yourself with a kettle? consider the story community service so you can ensure the rest of us don’t follow suit.

  11. Rashenbo

    I had no idea indigo had a scent! 🙂 Birthday cake is good for the soul! 🙂 One can never over indulge on birthday cake 🙂

    Great list, thank you for sharing and good luck with your book! Keep those numbers climbing… Woot!

  12. Susan Helene Gottfried

    Yep, I’ve been writing, too. Not as much as I’d like, but do any of us ever write as much as we’d like? (okay, I did back in the grad school days, but that was pre-husband, cats, kids, house, and all that)

    Yes to the toilet paper roll binoculars!

    Happy TT!

  13. Tink

    You’ve been busy and still you have been writing? Good for you! The little tiger boy is sooo cute! About #1… I’m curious, but I won’t ask! 😉
    My Tt is about collections I have.

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