Past Lies releases today!

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Past Lies by Kim Rees
Genre: Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 1-59998-453-9
Length: Category
Price: 4.50
Publication Date: April 10, 2007

Samhain Publishing

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Anna Shrewsbury is trapped.
The whims of her sister control her life. She wants to be free…and she thought her brother-in-law had helped her find freedom with his last act. But instead, she seems to be the butt of one of his infamous jokes.

She now has a half share in a company she doesn’t want, while her childhood home and her promised sanctuary is bequeathed to a man who hates her. And then there’s the deal. She has to live a week with him. A whole week with Zachary Quinn.

For six years, a shield of lies has protected Anna. But in beginning a new life, she must break away from those lies. Be prepared to face Zach’s fury. And his passion…

She closed the door on his laughter. Damn the man. She’d dug a deep hole for herself with her numerous lies. Her reputation…well, she didn’t want to dwell on how others saw her. But it had been made very obvious to her that day.

Anna stared down into the atrium. She calmed her breathing. There was little use in getting so angry. Zach would continue to believe she jumped anything with a big enough wallet. She doubted Eric Dalton’s lies could blacken her name any further.

Though she did hope Zach could think she would have more taste.

Anna snorted and ran a hand through her hair.

She leant back against a pillar, glancing around the desks and cubes. Until she found that corner. Her lips burned again at the memory and she tried to think of something, anything else.

But the past was too strong.

He tasted of brandy and another, indefinable taste that almost made her groan. The gentle pressure of his lips, savouring her. His hands slipped from her face, shaped her shoulders, arms until he found the glass clutched tight in her hand. It found a new home on a convenient desk.

She was insane. This was Zach. Zach whose hands trailed fire down her body in slow exploration.
“I wanted to do this from the moment I saw you tonight.”

His voice was a heated whisper against her skin and it pulsed a need through Anna that she’d never experienced. Her spine pressed up against the cool plaster of a pillar, Zach’s body deliciously pinning her. “Why?” The word was almost a gasp.

His mouth found hers, pulling slow, soft kisses that had her head spinning.

“How could I not?”

It wasn’t an answer, but at that moment she didn’t care. His tongue flickered against her lips, her teeth and with her heart slamming, she opened her mouth to him.

The deliberate sweep of Zach’s tongue over hers, hot, intense. This was unreal. Completely…

He deepened the kiss and all thought scattered.

Anna threaded her fingers through his hair, pressing his mouth hard against hers. Zach groaned. His hands shaped her waist and slid lower, curving over her hip and gripping her behind.

The rub of his erection against her body sparked little pulses of pleasure. Her hips shifted and heat flared. She groaned and her hands moved down, holding him to her.

“Do you know what you’re doing to me, Anna?” Zach’s heated breath stirred her skin and she shivered. His leg nudged hers, eased them apart. “What do you want?”


The word gasped out on too little air. The hard pressure of his leg ground against her pubic bone and liquid heat melted through her body. She found his mouth again.

More. She had to have more of him. Now.

(c) 2007 Kim Rees

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