Thursday Thirteen #4

Since I am never getting around to blogging about Rome (this week’s excuse is small child germwarfare ie what bugs can we infect you with now, Mummy) I’ll TT about it. So…

Thirteen Things to do in Rome.

1… Stay in a beautiful hotel

2…Arrive at the magnificent Trevi Fountain… only to find no water and two men having fun scrubbing it out

3… Mistake the column of Marcus Aurelius for that of Trajan

4… Get your first photo of the Forum

5… Get your 79th photo of the Forum… 😉

6… Take as many pictures of the colleseum as humanly possible

7… Realise that St Peter’s Square is fairly big… though not as big as Tianamen… 😉

8… Have fun with light in St Peter’s Basilica

9… Stand by this; it’s an altar. I had to wait a good ten minutes to take a clear photo as so many people were posing under the skeleton. Nice…

10… Run down this staircase out of the Vatican museum. There’s usually one pic that I love from every holiday… and this is the Roman one.

11… Visit the Baths of Caracalla, because no one else does *grin*. Vast place that we went to on Valentines Day. The Ent The Ent proposed… and then we managed to talk ourselves out if again, hehe

12… When in Rome, one must really see the pyramid… so we did. *grin*

13… And on the final morning, you must get soaked to the skin and have to get on the plane home uncomfortably damp.


14…Added extra… Remember to take your Alphasmart, for writing and making blog posts… and only turn the damn thing on for ten minutes on the plane back! LOL

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36 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen #4

  1. Kim Rees / Kim Knox

    Impworks – never found those stairs.

    Selena – I took 300 photos – and that’s only because the camera battery died on the second afternoon at Hadrian’s Mausoleum (sp?). I remembered to recharge it every night after that, LOL

    And I won’t be here for the next TT, we’re off to North Wales on Saturday. Castles and caves, beaches and waterfalls await… oh and I’m going to buy a sword *grin*

  2. PresentStorm

    Rome is so beautiful. I have always wanted to go. That and Tuscany… I want to go and eat the food. 🙂 Thanks for the great pictures…

    Happy TT

  3. Emma Wayne Porter

    Oh man, I wanna go.

    I just got done helping my daughter do a travel brochure of Italy for school. This is just rubbing it in.

    Take me with next time and I’ll hold the film bag =)

  4. Joan

    Oh I loved Rome. I have been there twice — not long enough either time. Thanks for posting the pictures. My TT is also posted – 13 activities I like.

  5. impworks

    That staircase is stunning. There are two similar to it hidden in the old part of Liverpool University Guild of Students but not as well kept or used.

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