Thursday Thirteen #3

Thirteen Things Kim Rees should have done this week.

1… Blogged about Rome. I know I went about 6 weeks ago now and haven’t updated with the promised tales and pics.
2… Repliedto the comments on my blog. I’m bad. I know. Thank you for commenting. How much to you want me to grovel?
3… Wrote more of my Welshman’s story. Having his only presence in the story so far with the words: “What the hell’s the matter with you?” isn’t doing him justice, LOL
4… Put my washing away. The only thing that’s holding it in the utility room is a chair and a whip.
5… Read a book properly. I’ve been dipping into Persuasion, Mirror Mirror and Viva Anna’s first Nocturne, who’s name escaped me.
6… Tidied the front room. It’s a bomb site.
7… Read through my rejected 20k novella. I’ve been asked to make it longer and resend it. So far I’ve gotten to page 8 and realised it is probably a novel *gulp*
8… Been more prepared for my son’s assessment tomorrow. But since the ‘experts’ don’t know what’s wrong with him we can’t really prep for it. Just point out that hello, we’re not parents in denial…which sounds a bit Transformer-ish to me LOL
9… Gone to bed earlier. I’m really feeling it now.
10… Won the lottery. What? Well, I should… 😉
11… Watered the plants. Big windows on a south facing room and you get surrounded by brown and crinkley vegetation. It’s not inspiring. Doesn’t smell too nice either…
12… Stop calling my postman Mungo. But I can’t help it.
13… And… all together now… I really should be writing… hehe

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22 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen #3

  1. Kim Rees / Kim Knox

    You’re right, Gracie. I *was* flying-apart stressed yesterday LOL

    (I kept writing ‘flaying-apart’ – think it’s time to write a fantasy/sf story if I’m having those urges, hehe)


  2. Kim Rees / Kim Knox

    Thanks, Nancy. They want to label my son, so they feel better, even though he doesn’t fit that label.

    Today the ADHD label appeared for the first time. I did question how a boy that sleeps for 12 hours straight could have that problem! LOL

  3. Nancy Lindquist-Liedel

    You’re going to sound like parents in denial, even if your’e not. I have two special needs kids and you never get to the point where you’re 100% glued. The experts know this, or they should. The ones who get uppity have other issues. Here’s thinking of you!

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