Thursday Thirteen #1

Thirteen fictional villains who inspire me… Guess who’s plotting right now?

So in no particular order…

1… Servalan – I was a Blake’s 7 obsessed 10 yo. And having a villain in evening dress and high heels teetering about in a quarry was… unusual. The creation of Servalan has nothing to do with the rise of Margerat Thatcher, of course 😉

2… Cybermen – old and very much new. They’ve always been my favourite Dr Who baddy.

3… Daleks – just because. Now they’re a proper battle droid. *grin*

4… Livia – Yes, I’m heavily influenced by Robert Graves. But the endless machinations of the fictional Livia are impressive and compelling.

5… The Shadows – no not Cliff Richard’s backing group… though, thinking about it Hank Marvin is pretty scary. The Shadows from Babylon 5. Evil with an unknown face and really cool ships.

6… Anubis – the Stargate villain, mainly because my 5yo reenacts the season 7 finale. Declaring ‘I AM ANUBIS!’ he stretches out his arms and lets his 2yo brother shoot him with his lego gun. Yes. I’m a bad influence.

7… The Enviroment – This probably goes back to my Blake’s 7 watching. It started with a planet with sentient sand deciding to kill off Vila because Avon was the alpha male. It also inspired lust to make the others breed so the sand could live of their offspring. I love Blake’s 7, hehe

8… Satan in Paradise Lost – The perfect villain, who’s outlook colours his world… well, that’s what I remember from college anyway. I just liked pandemonium *grin*

9… Family villains – betrayal by family members is always fun to write about. That has to be the Julio-Claudians again.

10… Augustus Carp – not so much a villain as an anti-hero, but for someone truly awful you can’t do better *grin*

11… The Mayor – Season 3 of BtVS – I just loved his picky little ways while he happily slaughtered anyone in his way.

12… which led me to think of Iago . From A-Level and Degree English, I knew Othello inside and out. Iago is great at being completely two-faced.

13… And last, but not least, The Terribly Deep Thinkers – I’ve suffered through In Search of Santa more times than I can count. But these book-burning, intolerant, small-minded, evil penguins have grown on me.

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  1. Bernadette Gardner and Jennifer Colgan

    OMG, you watched Blake’s 7? I thought I was the only one. Loved it! Especially the cheesy special effects. I loved The Tomorrow People, too.

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