Wot I did on my holidays… *grin*

I really should have typed this up at the time, but the marathon walking sessions every daymade anything other than collapsing on the bed and sleeping almost impossible, LOL So here’s what I can remember. And given that it was a week ago now and I have the memory of a thing with a very bad memory, it might not be that long. There may also be visual aids.

We escaped Runcorn with much cursing and a whopping delay of 15 minutes and headed south. We’d both only had about 3 hours sleep as we’d left everything to the last minute and then Samwise had decided that it would be a fantastic idea to throw up during the night, LOL Grandma Gandalf hadn’t had much experience of the full Exorcist drama that could unfold. In the end, because this time he wasn’t full of milk at bedtime, it was only a minor excursion into the land of vomit. Thankfully, there are no pictures of this.

We arrived at Heathrow at 9ish and sat about till 12.30.

Now I must admit that I am the worst flyer in the world. The absolute worst. I loathe it and haven’t flown since 2000. So The Ent for most of the flight had a crushed hand and bruises on his arms where I clung to him as we hit turbuence. Also, for those insane people who fly more regularly than me, have you noticed how many aeroplanes there are in the sky? It’s like flying in formation.

I survive the flight, and The Ent has regained feeling in his left arm. We trundle off to find the Leonardo Express to Termini Station. All of our information has been gleamed mid flight from our Rough Guide to Rome. See, not prepared at all, LOL

Our hotel, The Piranesi was just off the Piazza del Popolo. This I do have a picture of:

Well, that post was longer than expected… but it did get me to Rome. I have to stop now as a very wet Samwise has just trudged in from the garden. He, Frodo and The Ent have been washing the windows…

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