The joy of Amazon rankings…

I’ve been slogging my way through Past Lies this week… and not getting very far. I have a new chapter 4 that still needs polishing and I’m reading through to see how I can layer. I also have a few extra scenes to add at the end. Hopefully, these will get Past Lies to the magical 50k mark LOL

On the Buying Mackenzie’s Baby front, my Amazon ranking has started. And it’s addictive. I started at #61,000 and then gradually dropped over the week to somewhere in the #400,000 LOL. So I checked the this morning, thinking I must have dropped into the millions. Instead, I’m #14, 618. *Huge Grin*

No, I won’t mention the subject again (unless I get into a top 100 list, then I’ll scream it across the cyber-verse). Oh and thank you to Himself the Elf for posting an image of BMB on the .com site!

Anyway, here’s the link:
Buying Mackenzie’s Baby on

(and it’s still not on yet… *grrrrr*)