The Bone Magician’s Daughter…

…Berkley said… No.

Got some nice feedback, though.

So printing it out and popping a partial of to Tor Paranormal *grin*

Oh and here’s my NaNo update:

8 thoughts on “The Bone Magician’s Daughter…

  1. Kim Rees / Kim Knox

    LOL – I’m sure the policy changed the minute their server exploded from email over load!

    Well, your vamps are out in Feb and in print in May and you can bury yourself in ten copies. *grin*

  2. Olivia Lorenz

    Of course, now I’ve actually read through her lj, she says several times that she ignores emails. Although to be fair, when the Tor Paranormal line opened up, submissions were welcome to be sent in via email. Looks like the policy changed.

    I swear I’m cursed. Really. Gah!

  3. Olivia Lorenz

    Anna Genoese, yep, that’s the lady I was in contact with. She was very enthusiastic but then I heard nothing at all. She asked for the full MS the first time I was in China, so I got my OH to send it (email often vanishes in China…).

    Since then, nothing, despite me emailing her to be certain she got it etc etc. So she’s had the full MS since the end of March 2005. Does that count as a hell of a lot longer?? LOL

    I got tired of waiting without any kind of reply, so the book went to one place, then another, and finally it’s at Samhain. Yes, it’s the great white albatross aka the Greek vampire novel!


  4. Kim Rees / Kim Knox

    2 Oct 2006 post

    This is the editor for Tor Paranormal. She seems completely mad, LOL but this post says they’re on a month turnaround for slush and a *hell* of a lot longer if they actually like it LOL So your delay could be good news.

    The one worrying thing is she *does not* get British humour. Bum.

  5. Olivia Lorenz

    I just checked: yep, she’s still with them. Very strange, but par for the course as far as my shambling ‘career’ in publishing goes! Never mind, I hope you have better luck than me!

  6. Kim Rees / Kim Knox

    LOL, is she still with them?

    I originally sent this to one editor, only to have it picked up by another. I think my first contact left.

  7. Olivia Lorenz

    Aww, that’s a shame. But at least you got feedback, so it was worth sending it out to them. Hope you have better luck with Tor, I sent something to them well over a year ago, had an enthusiastic response from an editor and since then have heard nothing at all, despite me emailing her!

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