And I’m exhausted

We made it to the Spaceport by mid afternoon and bimbled around the place for a good couple of hours. Frodo loved the Planetarium. It had asteroids, which he adores, LOL

The Doctor Who exhibition was cool. Samwise thought the Dalek was fab and had no fear when its eye-stalk fixed on him and said Exterminate! LOL Frodo was a little more cautious – but was happy to have his picture taken in front of it. The Cyberman went down well too.

It took an age to get back, though. We missed the ferry, the other was late and then it did a river trip… Argh. Took us 3 hours to get home. *sigh*

Anyway my small NaNo update is here:

One thought on “And I’m exhausted

  1. Olivia Lorenz

    Oh you went to the Doctor Who exhibition!! I went to one a few years ago when it was in London… er, this was in the time before Mr Ecclestone and Mr Tennant, so I bet there was so much more cool stuff you saw.

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