3 thoughts on “Can I just say…

  1. Olivia Lorenz

    I keep giving it a go in the forlorn hope it’ll get better. It doesn’t. Such utter drivel, and a massive disappointment. I wasn’t expecting it to be as brilliant as Robin of Sherwood, but I expected more than tedious scripting, awful and unnecessary CGI and dreadful editing.

    And the Sheriff of Nottingham looks like Billy Joel. That’s very disturbing. I keep expecting him to start singing ‘Uptown Girl’.

    The only good thing is the regional accents, but historically that wouldn’t have happened at all. Guy of Gisbourne is a poor man’s Sean Bean but I like his outfit. The rest is instantly forgettable, something to pass the time between Strictly Come Dancing and Afterlife

  2. impworks

    Watched about half of it while visiting friend’s yesterday. Gave up. Will not be watching again. Tried to figure out what’s wrong with it. Given up on that too. Came to the conclusion the answer is just about everything that could be wrong is wrong.

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