What to work on next…

I have my little list on the wall above the bombsite that is my desk.

I know, I know… my desk is my most valuable real estate… but my whole house lacks storage so my little corner of the Hobbitses playroom will not be an exception.

Anyway I have my Alphasmart. I am so-o-o portable right now *smirk*

So, back to my list.

I can knock two off it: Past Lies and 7% and Rising.

That left… four… or so I thought. I suddenly have a shed load more

I started The Mystic’s Son on Saturday to stop me attacking my Nano story. However, I was getting too wrapped up in that, and I’d never get to my Nano, LOL

So I’m up to 2k on The Balanced Blade, which has a maximum length of 8k. A fair chunk of it should be done by next Wednesday. It’s still not geling at the minute. But I can rip it apart when it’s a first draft *grin*

Then it’s Nano.

On the 1st December it’s Guardian Angel.

There really aren’t enough hours in the day… *sigh*