And another distraction…

All right, I worked through my Guardian Angel urge by writing a thousand words and setting up the prologue… me being the Prologue Queen and all. *grin*

So I’m ready. I’ve grabbed 45 Master Characters, looked at the first part of the heroine’s journey outline. And the idea for the sequel to The Bone Magician’s Daughter hits me… ARGH!

I used 45 Master Characters to write Bone Magician. I think my naughty subconscious was waiting for me to look at it again before telling me about Rede’s story. I can see him lying there, ship wrecked on the beach… *sigh* Now I’m going to have to write that scene before The Mystic’s Son – see, my subconscious even supplied a title *grrr* – will leave me alone and I can get on with my NaNo outline.

Will I ever get this outline sorted?? LOL

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