Frodo’s review

We had a good review today.

Not like the last time, where it was all doom and gloom and can he please leave their school and never darken their door again… 😉

We know this year will be the decider of whether he can stay in this particular mainstream school. Depending on the review next March, he may have to go to a resourced school. But it’ll be resourced within another mainstream school. Which is much better for Frodo and his expanding social skills. That was our concern about him attending a special school, with children with much more complex and severe problems than him.

What the experts currently think is that his delay and learning difficulties are caused by his lack of language. This little bit of information gave me hope today. Previously, it had been suggested that he was globally delayed – that language and learning difficulty were equally behind. But with the hope that if his language delay is tackled then he will be able to learn and progress.

Which is cool. *grin*

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