Still plugging away.

Started writing the end of Past Lies and I realised I did need the two flashbacks that I thought I could get away with not putting in. Having them in made the story flow again.

I spent this morning, before flashbacking, looking at hotels in Rome.

The Ent suggested that we could go on holiday next year. Just the two of us, for a couple of days.

So this is the place I was looking at. Probably noisy, with a 25 line motorway out side. But I think the view more than compensates, don’t you?

One thought on “Still plugging away.

  1. Olivia Lorenz

    Rome is fabulous, Kim! And it’s not a motorway, just a busy main road that goes right past the Colosseum. And I mean VERY busy…

    It’s quite a noisy city (lots of cobblestones) but you won’t care when you get there because it really is just the most amazing place. I have a stack of places I could recommend if you’re interested – things to see, places to eat, etc. I spent a week there last year and we managed to see 66 things o_O

    It’s really inspiring. You’ll love it.

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