Samwise’s favourite number

So Buying Mackenzie’s Baby came out.

I was apprehensive. The hero, Mack, is not the conventional romantic lead and the heroine has a quiet strength, that doesn’t seem to be the norm either.

I was happy to make a few sales… and that Ali who had been waiting a long time for this book to come out (if you’re reading this, Hi, Favourite Stalker, LOL) liked it… which she did. *grin*

Then my editor, Sasha, emailed and said I was #5 on the Samhain bestseller list. This had never happened before… Ping. Another email. I’m #4.

I was completely gobsmacked, LOL

On the Samhain loop, Annmarie McKenna admitted that she cried. Her sinuses may have been a contributing factor, LOL, but something I wrote touched someone so deeply that they had a big emotional reaction to it. I’m misting up again. It is so very cool. LOL

I didn’t sleep… well I passed out at 4am.

Very sandy-eyed this morning. But grinning. A lot.

(Oh, and the title of the post? It’s #4, hehe)