Back to school

Frodo went back to school this morning.

He was so excited he dressed himself, even attempting the buttons on his shirt in his eagerness. The Ent drops him off at breakfast club, so he eases his way into the school day with play, rather than straight into the class. He practically skipped in. *grin* (Frodo, not The Ent. Though he may have. He has no embarrassment gene to speak of)

Samwise was jumping up and down to go to nursery. Ran in, stuck his name on the board, ran to the drawing table, finished a drawing and put it on the window sill. I tried to say goodbye, but he was too busy sharpening a pencil and looking for something else to do.

Great not to be wanted, hehe

So I came home, determined to write in the quiet time. And just hammered out 1100 on a idea that I had about two weeks ago. Yes. I had an idea. Just came to me… pop… in the middle of CSI. And it has nothing what so ever to do with Crimimalistics, LOL

Have to jot down the rest of it. The middle is hazy, but I have the end, so it’s something to work towards. Tonight that means I can carry on with Past Lies without this thing bugging me. Which is extra cool too.