7% and Rising… is finished. YAY

I’ve sent it off to the discerning claws of Ms Kruger. I can expect the tattered remains to be returned shortly…

It may, or may not, need an epilogue. I’m undecided as yet.

Olivia. I’m starting to forget where your comments are, so I’ll reply here, LOL

Oh let us know how you get on with that first draft in 30 days thingy. I was looking at that the other day, but I read somewhere else that it only really works for non-fiction (surely that’s rubbish, going by the amount one can write during NaNoWriMo…).
I’m dithering about NaNo this year. It worked very well for me last year but it was rather tiring LOL! I will if you will…

I agree with you – it can’t just be for non-fiction, as it has extensive character sheets. I’m going to work on the outline for Alchemy, probably starting this week, so I’ll let you in on the screams of frustation as I try to work something out, LOL Alchemy is going to be my Nano attempt. Like it was last year *sigh*

I’m writing Reluctant at the same time as I’m sorting Alchemy. I need that story done with!

And Mark, the the post I think was flagged was the prosthetic leg one. I have no idea why… 😉

2 thoughts on “7% and Rising… is finished. YAY

  1. Kim Rees / Kim Knox

    7% has been kicking around in one form or another since my Masters course, LOL

    I’m not even sure how upset this one is about the leg.

    Roen was pretty upset about it, though 🙂

  2. impworks

    Congrats on finishing 7%. Didn’t you start that way back on the SF course?

    I kind of guessed it was the leg one. I was just holding out hope for it being something else that had upset someone…

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