Feeling better today

The cold is getting better. It didn’t help that Frodo, Samwise and I got soaked to the skin coming back from school yesterday. I swear, there were people sitting on the clouds with huge buckets and a wind machine. One minute sunny, the next a howling gale and a torrential downpour. Then a split second later, brilliant sunshine. Isn’t global warming fantastic? *sigh*

I had a small epiphany as I was watching Stargate this morning… as you do.

I realised why I write contemporary and fantasy.

My contemporaries are all about the strength of the hero; often a damaged Alpha male to varying degrees *grin*

I write fantasies for the heroine; for the power a fantasy world can give a woman, no questions asked *wink* Then again, there’s always an impossibly attractive hero knocking about in the background. Speaking of which, I must update my other blog. Jarod’s had a relaxing few days. I think he needs to be kicked out of bed, LOL

And now I’m heading back to Bone Magician. Hopefully it will be finished by the end of the month and then I can send it off to Berkley and Macmillan. YAY