The Big Toddle

Samwise’s morning at Nursery involved going on a sponsored walk today, LOL

Barnados Big Toddle, to be precise. Toddle to the nearby park, toddle around the park, managing to get lost under bushes, trees and behind rocks. Have a picnic… and managing to get lost under bushes and trees. No rocks in the picnic area. Unless you count the neolithic standing stone. But that’s not very big, LOL

We then retired to the swings. After several rounds of the slide, he was getting tired and we came away early.

He had a fun day. Which is cool.

Not much writing done today (see above) – but I did sent a chapter of to the Romance Junkies Writing Contest. Again. Not saying what, or what name I attached. *grin*

Now I have to go and update the other blog.

Oh and The Ent, who now also blogs, referred to me as Novelist Supermum. Nice of him, LOL… but I’m sure there’s a bit of creeping involved. *grin*

2 thoughts on “The Big Toddle

  1. Kim Rees / Kim Knox

    I shouldn’t blog when I’m half asleep, LOL

    It was my 2 year old who kept losing himself under bushes and behind trees. Which was dangerous as older boys (ie 3 and 4 year olds) had decided that it was a great time to get back to nature and have a mass wee…

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