My other blog makes me think… wah!

Just updated my other blog. Yup, it’s official, running two blogs is hard, LOL.

I’m up to chapter fourteen in Bone Magician and now over half way. I can see the end in sight, hurrah!

Writing it out from scratch is a nightmare, but I am catching a hell of a lot of errors and crappy sentences that even printing it off and going through with a red pen didn’t catch. So the pain is worth it *grin*

On the hobbit front, Samwise went to pre-school this morning and stayed the full 2.5 hours. Which was cool. As he sat down to his lego, I even got a “Bye, Mummy” and a wave. No shrieking, no tears, no vomiting. I’m glad we persevered with it and didn’t cave, LOL

Frodo seems to be doing really well with the assistant who now sits with him most mornings. His communication and interaction has improved in the short weeks she’s been there. And now he wants to got to school to play with Sharon. Which is sweet, LOL

Now I’m off to look at the first chapter of Alchemy for a while. Eep.