Jarod Vae

Jarod’s nursing a drink. The small table is littered with discarded empties. I push myself into the threadbare chair. He doesn’t look up.

“You’ve left me in the middle of Chapter Twelve to do this.”

“I know. I’m sorry.”

A smile tugs at his mouth, bitter, twisted. “Like hell you are.” He drains the bottle and points to the barman for a refill. “You want me to take on this place for a while?” He sits back and his silver gaze sparks in the lamp light. His mouth twitches. I refuse to let my nails curl into my palms. “Then there will be conditions.”

I lift my chin. He’s mine. He doesn’t intimidate me. Much. “No conditions, Jarod.”


The barman puts the cold bottle on the table and looks at me. I shake my head. I wait for him to leave before I turn back to Jarod. “Should I ask Fen?”

Something shifts in his gaze. I know what it is. I wonder does he. He picks up his fresh bottle. “Leave her out of this.”

I shrug. “If you’re unwilling…” I leave it hanging. Pushing my chair back, I smile at him. “I’m sure she’ll share exactly what she thinks of you-“

“Fine.” He bites out the word. “Tomorrow.”

“You’re just having that Chapter Twelve feeling again.”

“Be glib,” he mutters. His cold glare pins me and I remember just how powerful I made Jarod Vae. Lord of the Inner Circle. Bone Magician. Chaos in human form. “But at the end, I’ll remember this.”

The end. I ignore the twist in my gut.

His harsh laughter follows me out of the bar.