Another busy day

My house, after 3 years, is still in the process of needing decoration.

Slowly, slowly, slowly I’m getting there and I’m winning the battle against the woodchip.

Today, was another strategic move to get the rooms how I want them, because today I sorted out my old room at Grandma Gandalf’s house. This is part of a cunning plan to sort out my back bedroom here. Bear with me. It might make sense. Then again, I’ve had a whole bottle of beer… so it might not.

1. Clear strip and paint Samwise’s room and move him into it… but to do that the old study furniture needs to go somewhere else.

2. Move study furniture to back room… but the back room already has old shelves.

3. Sort out my old room at Grandma Gandalfs (as I’ve been promising for 11 years *blush*) and she can have the shelving units from the back room.

4. Ah… but all the stuff now needs a home in the back room.

5. Move the excess cupboards from the morning room to the back room and throw in some shelving.

6. Bugger. Now the morning room needs something to stand the fish on.

7. The fish can have tallboy from my bedroom. Oh and the table from the hall, currently squatting on the back landing can go under the morning room window.

8. As a ‘move-excess-stuff-from-my-bedroom drive’ Frodo can have the chest of drawers. And we can have new wardrobes.

9. I’m not even mentioning the carpets, French windows, or demolishing the garage.

See? Not so complicated.

And you wonder why I never have any time to write.