Woo hoo

We had a meeting at Frodo’s school this afternoon. Through several tonnes of paperwork and phonecalls by the school and us, we managed to get Frodo outreach support.

We didn’t know exactly what this entailed, thinking that it would be another advisory role.

We turn up this afternoon to find that a special school in the north of the city is giving Frodo an outreach teacher for three mornings a week. The head teacher was being concilitory, saying that we really couldn’t expect full time, one-to-one support… I never expected that. At all.

I was stunned at the three mornings and grinned like an idiotic, LOL

He also did really well with his OT this morning.

So a good day all round.

But I’m guilty of abdandoning my edits today. Eeep. I have my writing group to go to tonight. I’ve missed a few weeks due to various lurgies. So I have to go out. Honest. *grin*