Caffeine withdrawal – day three

Okay – I never knew I depended on caffeine this much, LOL

I can barely stay awake. It doesn’t help that there’s been a mini heat wave and I was designed for the artic tundra. So not happy with hot weather, LOL

Samwise spent his first morning at pre-school. Had his little uniform and everything. He was fine until he realised that I wasn’t staying. Then a very unclingy boy got clingy. He was teary when I came to pick him up two hours later. But I think that had a lot to do with him being tired. He can’t have had that bad a time as he managed to paint himself orange while he was there. *grin*

And for Mackenzie I have to sort out wandering body parts. Roll on Zombie fest…

One thought on “Caffeine withdrawal – day three

  1. impworks

    Hope you feel better soon.

    Not the most helpfull suggestion now but I always find reducing my caffein intake a bit at a time rather than a doing it all in one big hit.

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