I discovered today that Samwise is truly English as he made, all by himself, his first cucumber sandwich… *snort* He seemed to really like it too, LOL

We had a meeting with an Occupational Therapist today to assess Frodo. We’ll be seeing her for the next four weeks as she tries to work on his concentration and gross motor skills, to improve his fine motor. So that’ll be good. Anything that makes him concentrate for more than a few seconds is great, LOL

Writing: I’m taking the ‘that’s out of Mazkenzie – which is a long and painful process. Is ‘that’ used more by the British? I’m finding myself leaving a lot in as it doesn’t sound right to me. Ho hum.

Back to watching Shrek – Samwise’s choice of the past few days…

5 thoughts on “Sandwiches

  1. Sharon J

    My older daughter also had problem with her fine motor skills. She could dive into a swimming pool and ride a bike at 2 but she couldn’t hold pick up little things or hold a crayon very well. Luckily, she doesn’t have a problem with those things anymore.

    Children are a wonderful worry, aren’t they?

  2. Himself the Elf

    The english use “that” in a slightly different manner from their U.S. counterparts. But then where I live at the moment,”widjadidja” is a word, too…

    i.e. “you didn’t bring your truck widjadidja?”

    Go figure… keep up the great work!

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