Almost forgot again

I’ve been running around like a mad thing all day. Prepping for a holiday, buying Hobbits’ clothes, shoes for said holiday. Buying Samwise’s birthday presents – since his birthday falls on the most shut day of the year LOL. Buying Frodo’s present from Samwise.

And the worst thing. Booking an appointment for a haircut. On Friday.

I hate getting my hair cut. Hate it. I have terrible and unruly hair that confuses hairdressers and never looks the same after I’ve washed it, LOL

But Frodo finishes school half day on Friday and Grandma Gandalf will be here all afternoon. That should be enough time for the hairdreser to drag out the sickle… or on the more stubborn strands… the scythe… and set to work.

Writing: none done today.