Wash out Sunday

I’ve done nothing today… well we went shopping for Samwise’s birthday presents and bought Frodo a View Master. He has hypermobility, so it could help with this fingers, I think. It’s fiddley but he does seem to be getting the hang of it. Shame they don’t have left-handed ones. Now that would be really useful for him, LOL

4 thoughts on “Wash out Sunday

  1. Sharon J

    Buzz Lightyear! Awesome! My daughter has a skirt with Buzz on it and I’m so jealous! But she’s 17 and I’m not. ~Sharon xx

  2. Kim Rees / Kim Knox

    Yes, that’s the one!

    Only his is purple (they come in a variety of colours now, LOL) He has Buzz Lightyear pictures, too.

    And a small, 2 in 2 weeks little monster has been hogging it for most of the afternoon *grin*

  3. Sharon J

    View master? Is that one of those red things that you slot a round cardboard thing into that has lots of pictures on it? And then you look through two holes like binoculars? If so, I hope he enjoys it. I used to love playing with my children’s ones. Now it’s the GameCube I’ve taken over šŸ˜‰ ~Sharon

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