…of a sort.

I got an email from my Samhain editor saying that she would read Demon over the weekend. This is cool. One, it means that it actually got to her. My email had a fit after I sent it (trying to tell me something ;-0). And two, it means I haven’t got to spend every day refreshing my email to see if something new has come in, LOL I do that. A lot.

I’m also only thirty pages for the first run through of Bone Magician. I think the plot and characters are sound and it just needs a bit of sentence tweaking and fragment filling. I think in fragments, LOL My writing is full of it. I can’t help myself.

There are also just a few descriptions that need completing/referencing. So I should be able to get it sent before I disappear to the darkest depths of Wales for my hols in about a fortnight.

And nope I am not thinking about the cost of the postage…