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I’ve spent the day at a rewriting/editing course. Did I learn anything?

Well, in the morning there were hints that I could learn something, but the lecturer was very easily distracted onto other topics and in the meander I had to wonder what the point was.

In the afternoon… that’s when my headache started. And I’ve still got it.

We had to read a synopsis, applying the method to which he had briefly alluded in the three hours previous to this. It was his synopsis. For his current novel. And the first chapter.

This went on for another three hours and I felt like I was in his fan club.

So, no, I didn’t learn anything.

That’s not true. As Impworks mentioned on his blog, I learned that I won’t be doing any more Creative Writing courses with Liverpool University.

7 thoughts on “Writing Courses

  1. Kim Rees / Kim Knox

    I forgot to add, that he also advertised his weekly writing workshop (£4 charge each week) and reminded everyone that the University has new courses, run by him, in the Autumn.

    Somehow, I think I’ll give both of those a miss, 😉

  2. impworks

    So not a good day then 😦

    I hadn’t realised I wasn’t displaying my real name on my blog before I read your post today. I’ve fixed that now.

    Hope the headache clears up soon.

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