Frodo is getting better

How do I know this? Because he’s been a horror today, LOL

Even with Grandma Gandalf here this afternoon, I got nothing done. I spent most of the day as a UN Peacekeeper, forcing two small Hobbits to respect each other’s boundaries 😉 Frodo went to his room seven times.

I gave up trying to concentrate on Bone Magician, but I did manage to read through about 20 more pages of Heiress. And if I do get a request for a full the whole thing has to be rewritten, LOL. Infact, once Bone Magician is out the door, I’m doing just that. I’ve had two sets of first edits on my books and that has shone a bright light on where I’m going wrong. With Heiress, I’m getting retina burns.

I think I’ll be very lucky to get a request on this one, LOL