Edits: 260 – 260 done

…well, sort of.

I’ve been through the whole thing and taken out/changed the easy stuff. And I have to make a public apology to my editor for the amount of ellipses in the story. I had no idea there were so many, LOL

I have about 20 points that I’ve got to think about. I could have this finished by tomorrow. YAY.

I also sent of the art cover form and blurb for Nimue’s Price. I have a difficult time thinking what I want for a cover. I see the story in my head as more of a set of moving images rolling through my head like a film. Picking out one image is hard. Nothing jumps out. Hopefully they can use some of the suggestions. And I’m not even discussing the nightmare that was the blurb. All I am going to say is it took me over a fortnight to write less than 150 words. Argh!

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